Friday, March 11, 2011

My IgniteOKC 3 Experience

“I always knew I had my father’s love. What I really wanted though was his time”

This was one of the more powerful comments I heard from an audience member after my Igniteokc 3 talk recently.

Ignite is an amazing grass roots event where everyday folks are given the opportunity to speak on a topic with just 5 minutes and 20 slides that move automatically. Topics are as diverse as the speakers and range from how to’s to important social issues.

All the speakers this year did a fantastic job and showed great courage to jump out and speak. Thankfully the crowd was friendly and the atmosphere electrifying.

The talk I submitted was based on a recent blog post of mine that I felt a particular passion about and had received a tremendous amount of positive feedback.

Clearly based on the reaction this topic struck a chord and I am so thankful to IgniteOKC and the those involved in the selection process for picking my topic.

I hope you will watch and share the talk with a dad you love. We need to all understand the the incredible gift of parenting and strive to do our best no matter how far we fail or how hard it may seem.