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Fighting the numbness of frequency

Have you ever fallen into the frequency trap? So much of life is a simple matter of routine. Same drive to work. Same people surrounding you. Same church on Sunday, Same chicken dinner every Tuesday and on and on and on it goes.

Frequency creates numbness to our surroundings and often to our life. To break free, many people end up seeking a rush hoping to escape and find excitement. This can be positive with goals to learn new skills, go on a special trip, try that food that cannot be pronounced, start that devotional, go for that dream job. Of course there are unhealthy ways to break out that often lead to debt, distress and even divorce. Getting un-numb productively takes work but most of all takes awareness. It seems too often that we take for granted those things that are frequent. The seemingly mundane can be our best window to happiness if we simply take a moment to realize these are the moments that truly make our lives meaningful. There is no need to go jump out of a plane or r…

Get your but out of my way

Years ago I used to facilitate a course that had a section about attitude. I began the session with a little exercise with the folks in pairs to share a story. The conversation had to be about a plan for the future and for round one no matter what person #1 shared the second person was to respond “yes but!”
“I am really looking forward to the weekend with my family”
Yes but it looks like it is going to rain all weekend so you will not be able to do much.”
“My son is doing great is school right now”
Yes but you know college is going to be super expensive and most likely he will struggle to get a job when/if he graduates.”
The round two response had to be a positive “yes and
“I am really looking forward to the weekend with my family”
Yes and with the rain you could play some really fun board games with great conversations.”
“My son is doing great in school right now”
Yes and that is a terrific indicator of a positive future ahead.”
You kind of get the idea huh? The point of the conversation…