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Finding Joy at Work

Joy and work
These are two words that for the vast majority of us do not go together. 
Most of us see work simply as that space in between the weekends that serves to provide us medical care, vacations, and money to pay the bills. Often, this leads to the Sunday night dread as another new week of despair looms ahead. Is this you?
Let’s face it. Most jobs were never intended to be fun all the time. That is why it is called going to work as opposed to going to fun. 
Nonetheless, there are ways we can make the most of every day and in the process set ourselves apart from the masses living their work-life in despair.
Know your purpose
Why do we work? Is it simply a means to an end so that bills can be paid and away from work fun can be had? That mindset may work for a time but in the long run, it leads to drudgery. What if instead we first defined our life purpose and then next applied it to our jobs? My purpose statement is simple:
“To serve God, serve my family and serve those aroun…