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Quit focusing on your weaknesses

Let’s face it.  We all have faults that make us at times less than the person we would like to be.  Awareness of these issues for me has been a bit of an obsession which I know is a result of my personality type. I have taken assessments galore, sought feedback from those around me and spent considerable time in self-reflection.(a true INFP)   Awareness of my gaps have been critical to my growth over the years and many times has served as motivation for education or behavioral changes. However, there is an important watch out that took me a few years to understand.  Back in my early days of introspective I more often than not found myself focused completely on “fixing” all the things that in my mind I saw as negatives. When I was a trainer, I would take one or two negative comments and obsess over the feedback totally ignoring the value of the many positives.  When I became a manager, I took the DiSC assessment and scored very low in the directive quadrant which is somewhat unusual f…