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Getting on track again

I have been a little uninspired these last several months as far as blog writing for some reason. It was a busy summer with work (new boss) family (teen son) and Scouts (trip to Philmont). Now fall is approaching and I find myself in a difficult in between life event time. These are times when I find myself seeking a future goal to achieve and reflecting on my recent past. Looking back, I am finding myself once again wishing I had done more. More time in prayer, more time in deep conversation with my teen son, more time showing Michelle that I love her, more time being a mentor to the youth in our Troop, more time helping my team improve performance…. This list seems to go on and on.

The truth is that I never feel I am doing enough yet at the same time I also know I can’t do it all.

Glancing through my personal journal this morning a run across these questions that I posted more than five years ago:

• What are YOU passionate about?

• What has God put in YOU?

• What needs can God …