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Five ways to cheat your wife

Notice that I titled this as cheat your wife vs. cheat ON your wife.

There is no doubt that we can be in a perfectly happy marriage and yet at the same time fall short of reaching our love potential.

The other day I was reflecting on my own actions and realized that I am a cheater.

Michelle is wonderful and works hard to take care of her two men. She is so great in fact that I have become even more aware of how often we take her for granted. She works, cleans, cooks finds my lost keys and listens daily to my ever boring stories of my cubicle work life. On any given day she can be found with a huge smile and a cheery thought for our family.

Perhaps your wife is this way too. On the other hand, maybe she lacks some qualities that you would like to see. Either way, there are a few musts that we as husbands should be sure to do in support of our wives or we will for sure cheat her of the man she deserves.

Do these simple things and stop cheating your wife:

• Tell her you love her—Duh rig…