Friday, May 4, 2012

Five ways to cheat your wife

Notice that I titled this as cheat your wife vs. cheat ON your wife.

There is no doubt that we can be in perfectly happy marriage and yet at the same time fall short of reaching our love potential. The other day I was reflecting on my own actions and realized that I am a cheater.

Michelle is wonderful and works hard to take care of her two men. She is so great in fact that I have become even more aware of how often we take her for granted. She works, cleans, cooks, finds my lost keys and listens daily to my ever boring stories of my cubicle work life. On any given day she can be found with a huge smile and a cheery thought for our family.

Perhaps your wife is this way too. On the other hand, maybe she lacks some qualities that you would like to see. Either way, there are a few musts that we as husbands should be sure to do in support of our wives or we will for sure cheat her of the man she deserves.

Do these simple things and stop cheating your wife:

• Tell her you love her—Duh right? Well a lot of guys have a hard time with this one. Many of us were not told this as children and as a result have trouble saying it as an adult. Just step out and say it.

• Show her you love her—Actions do speak louder than words. Pick up those random flowers on the way home, write a simple thank you note, run the vacuum, arrange a special dinner or do something as simple as a hug.

• Let her be her—I have met many guys that are so self-centered that they find surprise in the fact that their wife may have dreams, hobbies, and desires of her own. Find what makes her happy and encourage it even if you are not part of it. Don’t let jealously of her happiness ruin your own.

• Got kids? Never---and I mean NEVER speak ill of your spouse to or in front of your children. Your kids are learning how to love by watching you and how you treat your wife. Want them to have a great and loving marriage? Model it then at home as an investment in their future happiness.

• Be a man—Let’s face it guys. Media portrays us as bumbling idiots most of the time. Watch just about every “family” TV show or commercial you will find us stumbling through life while the woman holds it all together. Buck it up fellas and grow a pair. It is ok to be your family leader and show the world (and your wife) there are real men left with a warrior’s heart.

What do you think? Are you a cheater? What would you add to this list?