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An open letter to my state Senator Greg Treat and House Rep Kevin Calvey. District 47/82

Dear Senator Treat and Representative Calvey,

I am a lifelong resident of Oklahoma and a 20 + year resident of your district. My wife as well as my son are graduates of PC North and my son is a current student at OU majoring in engineering. 
I am proud to be part of this community.
At the same time I am deeply saddened for my state due to the apparent ineptitude and lack of courage from our state legislature. It seems there is far more energy spent debating irrelevant issues as opposed to fixing the many real problems we have. 
The facts speak for themselves as we lead the nation in the top 10 in several negative categories including teen pregnancyobesitydivorcesmokingleast fit,least education funding, and on and on. Pretty much look up any statistic that ranks a state negatively and you will find Oklahoma right at the top.  
Lately is seems each day we are the news for legislation that hurts the poor or legislation with intent to create costly lawsuits we cannot afford.