Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first month on Twitter


It seems that for more than a year now I have heard comments and references to Twitter. I am an avid Facebook guy and have had a blast over the last several months connecting with friends, sharing updates and sharing pictures. With Facebook, I was amazed at the re-connections I have made and the almost daily contact with many of my more active FB friends. I heard of Twitter but wondered why in the world I would want to use it since the updates on FB seemed to do the same thing.

The final push to start life with Twitter came from a blog post from my pastor Scott Williams. I go to a large church and reading Scott's blog has been a nice way to get in the head so to speak of my pastor and feel like I have a closer insight into the mind of the church staff.

A month has gone by and I now find myself following 92 people and being followed by 68 others. I actually have a relationship or a history with all my "friends" on Facebook. Twitter is different in that I only really know a couple of people that I follow.

So why do I love it so much? Why do I feel so compelled to check it often and see what my "peeps" are doing? Do I just need to get a life? All good questions : ) Heck, now I am even writing a new blog since I seem to be the only person on the planet that is not blogging!

What about you?

Why do you Twitter?

Why should I keep Twittering?

I need your help!


  1. Hey...twitter is sort of how we met! :)

    See you Wednesday....the offer is still there to come serve w Dirk and I...It's a BLAST!!


  2. David I am trying figure this twitter thing out. I saw on yr profile your are with the scouts which troop are you with? email me back

  3. It's too bad that some many people have the wrong idea about Twitter. It's not another social network.

    Twitter is simply a connector.

    You and I are connected to LC and T-168 and we know this because of Twitter.