Friday, May 1, 2009

Lessons from running part 2

I ran the OKC marathon last week and the conditions were challenging to put it mildly. The wind was blowing at 30+ MPH with high humidity and warm temperatures. As recently as two weeks ago, I was anticipating a finish time that would beat my previous marathon by at least ten minutes. Gosh was I wrong and I ended up finishing 45 minutes behind my goal. I knew I had very little chance of meeting my goal within just a few miles of the run since the feedback from my pace and body was telling me I was going to fail.

By mile 13 when the run turned south into the wind, my mental capacity to keep running was nearing an end. By mile 15, my calves were cramping and every step was a struggle. My goal at this point was to at least be running each time I passed the spectator areas for the benefit of my friends that were watching and for my family. It was suddenly very important to me that my wife and son did not see me walking (failing). I really knew I was going slow when while running next to a cemetery around mile 20 I heard a women say, “On your left” so she could pass me. The pass was inspiring and demoralizing at the same time since she happened to be in a wheelchair.

I was just ready to be done by the time I ran over the finish line five + hours from the start.

Monday morning I was still reeling from the experience and knew at work I would get lots of questions about how the run had gone for me. I arrived at the same time as an employee who is handicapped. Just moving from his car to the front door and then to his wheel chair is a struggle.

As I held the door open for him, I thought how pitiful of a person I am to even for a moment not appreciate the wonderful gift of health I have been given that would allow me to finish a marathon. Who cares about the time? I did finish!

The Lord gave me an important lesson in this moment to appreciate the life of health and happiness he has given me. Yes there will be pain in the steps of my future but I will do my best to move forward with a smile on my face.

What a about you? Do you struggle to sometimes see the positive blessings in your life? How do you get challenges in perspective?


  1. What a great lesson! You won just by signing up!

  2. Good word! So often we set our sight on the wrong things...wrong perspective. Thanks for the reminder of what's really important!!

  3. David, thanks for sharing your heartfelt story and would like to share with your "fans" an affirmation that will also help me live life the best that I can:
    I was made by Love, for love, to love.

    I start with loving myself.

    I am deciding from now on to be my own best friend.

    Just as I do not allow others to gossip or talk poorly of my friends,

    I now do the same for myself.

    When I notice my inner critic saying bad things about me,

    I do not put up with its bullying antics.

    I make sure the truth is remembered,

    and I say those truths out loud.

    My friend is kind.

    My friend is compassionate.

    My friend doing the very best they know how, and getting better all the time.

    Just as I am kind to my friends,

    I am kind to my new best friend---me.

    My new best friend is worth sticking up for.

    And so it is.



  4. I have found that listening to upbeat praise music helps me refocus on what is really important to me and the critical stuff just loses it's power. I sing out loud (much to my son's chagrin) and it really helps me.

  5. Dearest David,
    Yes, I agree with you that marathon Sunday was a miserable day with terrible weather conditions. Not an ideal day to break any records or even try to maintain past running times. I think the feeling is mutual from everyone that I knew taking part that day. But, what a wonderful message you write that was exactly what I needed to hear. I wish I was one of those people that always sees the positive in everything. By nature, I am not. Dear Lord, thank you for giving me a house that I can spend 10 hours cleaning today. Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me two wonderful pets that I can continuously clean up their vomit and pee. I say that in jest, but truly, you have made me stop and reflect on my own life and personal struggles. It is true. I should thank Him for my home, a roof over my head. Three quarters of our world can't fathom what living in homes like we have here in the U.S. would be like. And, yes, I do thank Him for Pumpkin and Sam. They give me so much love that only a family kitty and puppy can give. And I could go on and on and on. What I am trying to say is "thank you" for your insightful message and a little daily David ministry. You are wise beyond your years! I so appreciate you and Michelle. You both keep me grounded and laughing at the same time! Love you guys!