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Get fit in 2013 thanks to these local clubs

We are lucky in OKC to have a terrific grassroots community of people that enjoy getting fit together. Your goals will be easier to meet when shared with others. You will also get the added benefit of making new friends and learning tips from others that have found success.
Intimidated? Do not be! These groups include all skill levels from the couch potato wanting to run a 5K for the first time all to way to elite ultra-athletes. The famous Oklahoma hospitality is alive and well indeed.

The OKC Running Club:  Landrunners Thinking about running the 2013 OKC Marathon? The Landrunners offer free training runs that are wonderfully supported.
Oklahoma Bicycle Society: OBS New to group riding? Try the famous donut ride.
Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship: OEF More than just an off road riding club, the OEF has promoted trail riding in the OKC area for years and works to maintain the system at Bluff Creek and New Draper. http://okearthbike…

Failing Forward

“The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to...failure.”
― John Maxwell

One of the key traits of successful people is a willingness to fail. There are many people out there that have never failed due to having never taken a risk. They have instead chosen the low road in life. The higher you try to climb the further you may fall after all.
The risk taker steps out in front of the crowd to try. She takes the risk, fails, learns and then goes at it again with a new and improved strategy.
This concept is known as failing forward and only a few have this great capacity. No one wants to be a failure but there are those who see missteps merely as chances to find new ways to win. Far too many people unfortunately use the fear of failure as an excuse not to try.
Perhaps they were a poor student before so the thought of spending money to go back to school brings memories of emotions felt when that “F” arrived.  Maybe there was love in t…

Happy 14!

Fourteen years ago today I completed my final radiation treatment after a whirlwind 9 months of lumps, surgeries, lost hope, chemo and finally healing. Yes it was many years ago but at this time of year it seems like yesterday.

That is not a bad thing as each Christmas Eve I get a wonderful reminder of how incredibly blessed I am. This is true really for anyone breathing today. If you are alive you have a chance to make today and tomorrow even better. You can forget the past and move forward in hope of a better future. There are a lot of crazy things going on in the world today and it can get so easy to be discouraged. I do not understand the whys behind sadness and tragedy. I think if you spend too much time on it the only result is to become bleak and bitter. Who really wants to live that way?

I am taking a new look this year as I move into my 15th year. I chose not wonder about the why but instead take the special moments and just be thankful I am here and still have a chance to be a…

Being Present for the Holidays

The holidays are here and many people will take end of the year vacation time away from work to be with family and friends. My company has a use it or lose it policy and I have several peers that are taking days and still losing time.

I know that many folks that are technically off will still find themselves working every day by responding to e-mails, attending meetings and checking performance numbers. Managers are important people with many others depending upon them. At the same time, I think there is no more important job than that of a mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister and friend.

Jobs are temporary but your family should be forever.

It took me a long time to learn this lesson and realize that it was hurting my family and ultimately my performance at work by not truly disconnecting from time to time. Here are some ideas that have worked for me:

• Chose a POC to be in your place when gone. This requires empowering the person to make any needed decision. …

Luke Rides Against Cancer...and for me

With so many fallen heroes around us it would be easy to become embittered and think our world lacks people of character who live more for others than for themselves. My observation is just the opposite with Luke N. as a mighty example.

Luke embodies everything that is positive about the movement. He is only a teen and yet inspired by and the Lance Armstrong story he has raised thousands of dollars over the years to fight cancer and he has grown to be one of the top young cyclists in the state of Oklahoma. His speed is powered as much by a passion to help others as it is by the countless hours of training and racing.

Luke rides for me and Luke rides for the millions of others like me that have been impacted by cancer. He has even gone so far as to found his own fundraising ride that will grow even larger next year I am sure .

Thank you Luke for who you are and for all that you are doing for the good of others. Stay inspired, ride fast and most of all--…

Lance Armstrong Lied. A survivor's perspective

Finally I have come to openly accept that Lance Armstrong cheated during his reign as the Tour De France champion and as the allegations spread over the years he engaged in a fierce campaign of denial to protect his reputation, his legacy and his foundation. Whew that hurts to write yet at the same time also feels good to face the truth openly.

There is a big part of me that did not want to ever admit to what happened. Deep inside I wanted to him to remain on the pedestal his legend created. After all, Lance and I did go through our cancer experiences around the same time. I even met him in person back in 1999 as I too was working on my personal comeback from cancer to start a life changed forever by the experience. Like millions of others, I wore the bracelet and felt inspired as he won tour after tour. Most of all, I saw firsthand the inspiration and good work that would become Now thanks to piles of undeniable evidence my one time hero has fallen and my defense for …

My Sprint Anniversary


 Today is my 16 year anniversary as an employee of Sprint and anyone that has ever spent any time with me at all knows I love being part of the wireless industry. It is rare these days to work for the same company as long as I have but I guess I am the kind of guy that sticks with things.

Really that was an amazing few years in my life. During the period between September 1995 and the end of 1997 I experienced the death of my Mother due to cancer, got married, started a new job, purchased our first home, became a father, was diagnosed with cancer and completed cancer treatments with best possible results.

Now that is a lot of change and looking back it was a time that is fully impacting me today. Experiencing so many highs and lows in such a short span of time made me resilient gave me a foundational appreciation of life that carries me forward even today.

I am thankful to Sprint for giving me the path to provide for my family. I am thankful for my wife for loving me throu…

Do you stink?

“If you learn unhappiness too well you will get good at it”

 This is a great slap in the face quote I heard recently from one of my favorite podcasters. The point was that the more time we spend unhappy then the more we will become comfortable with it.

I went on an 11 day hiking trip this summer and one of the rules was that we were not allowed to wear deodorant due to it being a smellable that could potentially attract bears. I wondered before the trip if an attack from a bear would be better than the smell of a group of unwashed and un-deodorized teen boys. Whew!

I realized on the trail this was not going to be a problem since we very quickly got used to our own smells and soon none of us noticed the stink. Things changed quickly however upon my return home when suddenly the smells that had surrounded me without notice attacked the senses much like a rampaging bear. Of course much of this was due to the equally powerful remarks from my repulsed wife that was thankfully working…

Getting on track again

I have been a little uninspired these last several months as far as blog writing for some reason. It was a busy summer with work (new boss) family (teen son) and Scouts (trip to Philmont). Now fall is approaching and I find myself in a difficult in between life event time. These are times when I find myself seeking a future goal to achieve and reflecting on my recent past. Looking back, I am finding myself once again wishing I had done more. More time in prayer, more time in deep conversation with my teen son, more time showing Michelle that I love her, more time being a mentor to the youth in our Troop, more time helping my team improve performance…. This list seems to go on and on.

The truth is that I never feel I am doing enough yet at the same time I also know I can’t do it all.

Glancing through my personal journal this morning a run across these questions that I posted more than five years ago:

• What are YOU passionate about?

• What has God put in YOU?

• What needs can God …

Time is flying by..

It is hard believe that our son just weeks ago from completed his freshman year of high school. The realization that everyday day brings my wife and I another step closer to him moving on to college and life as an adult has hit me hard lately. Well and there is the whole turning 45 recently too.

The future is sitting hard on me. Much of it is financial with the expenses that come with children and time marching towards retirement. Trendy clothes, summer camps, a car (yikes!) and of course there is college. The current cost per year of an in state school is estimated at close to $20,000 per year if you include room and board when figuring expenses. The roller coaster that is life working for a company that has layoffs most every spring also does not help at times.

So how did this first year of high school go? Overall I would say Conner experienced success and the challenges one might expect as a student in a very diverse 6A public school. He made new friends, found himself with a new…

Five ways to cheat your wife

Notice that I titled this as cheat your wife vs. cheat ON your wife.

There is no doubt that we can be in a perfectly happy marriage and yet at the same time fall short of reaching our love potential. The other day I was reflecting on my own actions and realized that I am a cheater.

Michelle is wonderful and works hard to take care of her two men. She is so great in fact that I have become even more aware of how often we take her for granted. She works, cleans, cooks finds my lost keys and listens daily to my ever boring stories of my cubicle work life. On any given day she can be found with a huge smile and a cheery thought for our family.

Perhaps your wife is this way too. On the other hand, maybe she lacks some qualities that you would like to see. Either way, there are a few musts that we as husbands should be sure to do in support of our wives or we will for sure cheat her of the man she deserves.

Do these simple things and stop cheating your wife:

• Tell her you love her—Duh rig…

Glory Days?

I am turning 45 in a couple of weeks and that has put me in a bit of a reflective mood I guess. It really did not help that one of my magazines had an article this month about starting the second half of your life at 45. Next while checking my Roth this week realized I am only 15 years away from 60! I know there is a midlife crises phenomenon that many people experience around this time as they seek to create new achievements or to return to old glory days.

Funny thing is that I happen to think I am living my glory days right now with more to come in the future. I have a great job, loving wife (beautiful too BTW), amazing teenage son, and a full plate of volunteer work with kids that help make life fun.

There are many great days behind me and I am sure there are even better days ahead. For sure there are big changes with our son soon off to college and a new stage in our married life as empty nesters.

I am excited about the future and genuinely thankful to wake up to a new day ever…

What has happened to us?

A ran across this video from Tony DeShare recently. It was really cool to see these wonderful proposals and the joy on their faces as they take that great first official step to marriage. It did not take long though for the little cynic voice in my head to jump in and remind me that statistically more than half of these journeys will end in divorce. Many of these will also have the added tragedy of a split family with children torn in the middle

Why is it that so often things go wrong? My marriage is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I know that Michelle is my wife for life no matter what challenge we may face in the future. We are in this together and work hard to make sure our relationship continues to grow.

Now I do not want to throw stones in my glass house. What I do want to do is especially encourage my guy friends out there. Love your wife, never stop pursuing and hold on to that joyful feeling you had in those early days.

Watch the video closely and remember.

Welcome to my 100th blog post!

I just happened to notice last week that my next davidnprogress post was going to me my 100th. This is a bit of milestone which calls for an extraordinary and ground breaking post of life changing dimensions.

Instead I thought I would write this.

Why do I write? Well that is a good question. Certainly it is not for any fame, money or recognition. It is not for popularity either given that a really good total viewership of a post for me is somewhere around 50 views. (Thank you readers!)

I write as form of therapy and accountability. My best posts have come during times of frustration either with myself or with others. It is pretty hard to give advice about life and parenting and not strive to live by that very same advice. There have been many times that I have read my own post to help me through a difficult time. I have some favorites as you might imagine and so in no particular order here are a few of them.

Where is Superman
Leave them better than you found them
Got Gratitude?
I am a lia…

I am Gladiator

Have you ever seen the movie Gladiator? It is one of my all-time favorites and I have watched it many times. The lead character Maximus is one of those guys every man would wish to be. He is a true man’s man that is willing to die in the name of honor as he seeks to avenge the death of his beloved Emperor and family.

My favorite scene in the movie takes place as Maximus is standing in line with the other Gladiators awaiting his first fight in the grand coliseum of Rome. Slowly he rubs some soil in his hands and soon after a terrified man in front of him pees on himself out of fear.

There is no fear in the heart of Maximus. Instead there is a steadfast resolve to face whatever challenge waits on the other side of gate.

Soon after the epic arena battle has been won the evil Emperor and murderer of his family asks “who are you?”

And here is his famous answer:

In many ways I see this as a picture for the battle that is our lives. Every day we are stepping into an arena full of enemies and…

Leave them better than you found them

No Troop 168 campout is complete without a police line through the entire area where we have been camping and gathering over the weekend. The Scouts form a line and walk across the area slowly looking to pick up every scrap of trash along the way. The goal is to leave the area looking even better than it was before we arrived. The phrase “Leave it better than we found it!” can be heard at the end of almost every outing as the Scouts prepare for cleanup.

As the Scouts walk slowly, there is also a designated person that no one is to pass. This ensures the line stays relatively straight and that everyone has time to thoroughly check the area. If trash is found after the line has completed the job then guess what happens next? You are right! They do the whole thing over again.

“Leave it better than we found it” is not an official Scout saying like “Be Prepared” or “Do a good turn daily” but to me it is just as striking

How different things would be if we strived to ensure we leave every…

Dad reacts to a teen's post on Facebook

It looks like this video has just gone nuts on the internet this week with views, comments and debates. Clearly this father is angry with his daughter’s Facebook reaction to her family's rules. Just as clearly when you read the comments that are flying in as reaction this has struck a chord with many people. I guess I am most surprised by the many words of support that other youth are leaving for the dad.

What do you think? Was it appropriate for the dad to do this? Has it opened your eyes a bit to the danger of social media when people post emotions and have public family quarrels?

Is this a loving father demonstrating consequences for actions or a reaction that helps demonstrate the root of the teen’s frustration?

I am curious to know what you think.

Why we have two ears

“God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should listen twice as much as we talk”

In my professional life I worked as a leadership skills trainer for several years. One of my favorite and to this day most impactful courses were the ones that discussed listening skills. This is been a hot leadership topic for years and back then we did not have the additional distractions of today with instant messages, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Angry Birds and a whole slew of other things in our hands beckoning for attention.

It seems now more than ever that listening to others is a skill that people are losing. You see it all the time with teenagers that are sitting together but the entire time instead of talking they are tapping away at something on their phone. Adults my age are just as bad. Just a few weeks ago I was at a birthday party for a good friend and noticed more than half the folks there were on their phones a great deal of the time vs. enjoying the conversation and company …

My twitter fast

Whew I am back! Today is my return to Twitter after a 21 day fast from it and a few other things. With over two years, 15,000+ tweets, and four accounts under my belt, I felt compelled to take a little break. Amazingly, during this time the world kept turning and people did not go running through the streets yelling, “where is David Copeland! I must know what he is thinking today!” Chances are that the vast majority of my followers did not even notice my absence.

It has always been my twitter desire for a two sided fluid experience. The fun for me is getting to know people through conversation and interaction. It may sound silly but I am genuinely interested to learn about the lives of others and this is way more important than number of followers or any other twitter metric.

So what did I learn during this time? Mostly I learned that twitter like all things needs to be kept in perspective and that life indeed does go on just fine without social media.

My inspiration for this fastin…