Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What has happened to us?

A ran across this video from Tony DeShare recently. It was really cool to see these wonderful proposals and the joy on their faces as they take that great first official step to marriage. It did not take long though for the little cynic voice in my head to jump in and remind me that statistically more than half of these journeys will end in divorce. Many of these will also have the added tragedy of a split family with children torn in the middle

Why is it that so often things go wrong? My marriage is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I know that Michelle is my wife for life no matter what challenge we may face in the future. We are in this together and work hard to make sure our relationship continues to grow.

Now I do not want to throw stones in my glass house. What I do want to do is especially encourage my guy friends out there. Love your wife, never stop pursuing and hold on to that joyful feeling you had in those early days.

Watch the video closely and remember.

Heck, maybe even stop on the way home from work today, grab her some flowers and say while on your knees, “Even _____years later, I am so glad you said yes to me”

So tell us fellas--What tips do you have for keeping a strong and joyful marriage?

So tell us ladies—What tips do you have for us guys?

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